Age-restricted sales

What is your policy on age-restricted sales?

At Asda, we take our responsibilities as a retailer very seriously, and we work in line with the government-backed Challenge 25 Policy. To ensure we comply with laws regarding the sale of age-restricted products, if you look under the age of 25 when buying these, our colleagues will request proof of age to show you are over 18. The same applies to all online orders regardless of whether age-restricted products are involved because you need to be 18 or over to register for, and place, online orders.

What products are age-restricted?

Age-restricted products include alcohol, cigarettes and cigarette paraphernalia, lottery tickets, scratch cards, solvents, knives, some DVDs, games and CDs, fireworks, and some energy drinks.

What happens when my order is delivered or collected?

If you have ordered any age-restricted products, our delivery or collection colleagues may ask to see proof of age, just like we do at our checkouts. If you are unable to provide proof of age, you will not be able to take the product, it will be returned to our warehouse, and we’ll process a refund.

What forms of ID do you accept?

We accept passports, driving licences, and other official photo ID cards that also include your date of birth. We cannot accept photocopies of any photo ID documents or cards.

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