Problems taking payments

We try to authorise payment for your order the day before or on the day your order is due. Because there is a gap between when you order and when you pay, now and then we see a problem with payment authorisation. This can be because the card is not valid or has expired, there is not enough money in the account, or there has been an error at your bank. Your bank will be able to provide you with information to explain why this has happened.

We can't fulfil orders without successful authorisation. If this happens, we will email you before your time slot to let you know there is a problem. A message will also appear on your Order Details page. If the issue can’t be resolved in time, we will need to cancel your order.

To avoid payment problems, please:

  • make sure you have enough money in your account the day before your delivery is due.
  • make sure the details you have entered are correct.
  • make sure you have a valid payment card set up on your account.

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