Delivery Pass payments, renewal, and expiry

When you sign up for a ‘12 month Anytime’ Delivery Pass, we take your payment as soon as you buy it. If you choose a monthly payment plan, we'll take payment from you once a month.

When you buy a '12 month Anytime' pass type you will automatically opt-in for auto-renewal, which means your pass will automatically renew every 12 months. But don't worry, we'll keep you informed about when your pass is coming up for renewal or expiry so you can choose what to do.

If you chose to set your auto-renewal to 'OFF' and your pass expires before the date you want to book, you will not be able to see the time slots beyond the expiry date. To avoid this, please reset your auto-renewal to 'ON'. Auto-renewal doesn't apply to the other pass types.

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