I have more than one charge for my order

After you place your order, we set up payment with your bank for the full order amount the day before your order is due. This money is held as ‘pending’ by your bank. Once this is done, it’s too late for us to catch last-minute changes.

Last-minute changes affect the final amount you pay and can include:

  • Changes you make to your order up to 10pm the night before the day of delivery, like adding or removing things.
  • Changes we make when we pick your order, such as when something is out of stock, or we substitute a product at a lower price.
  • If the total for products sold by weight (such as loose fruit) works out a little different from the £/kg guide price on the website. For example: if the £/kg guide price is £0.90p/kg and they weigh slightly more than a kg and come to 95p, we charge you the difference.

Once your order is delivered, we take payment for the full order amount that was pending. After this, we update the charges. Any extra charges or refunds will show on your account separately from the initial order charge. Details of these will also show on your final Order Receipt. Refunds can take up to 5 days to clear by your bank, so please check with your bank if you have a query.

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