Charges, authorisations, and payment

Charges for your order

When you place your order, the total price of the products shows in Your Trolley. Depending on the method you use to shop with us, in addition to the price of the goods in your trolley, we may charge you:

  • The cost of the delivery or collection slot (varies on time of day/day of the week) 
  • A ‘Pick and pack’ or ‘Pick, pack and deliver’ charge
  • A £3 minimum basket charge if the total price of your goods is less than £40 for a delivery order, or less than £25 for a Click & Collect order. 


After you place your order, we set up payment with your bank the day before your order is due. First, to make sure the card is valid and working, we pre-authorise it by charging one penny. This charge is refunded automatically to your account.

Next, we request authorisation for the full amount of your order. This money shows as a pending payment on your account. This means your bank is holding the money, and you can't spend it. We only take your payment after we have delivered your order. 


If authorisation is successful, we take payment for your full order amount after your order is delivered. Any changes made to your order after it was placed will show as extra charges or refunds on your account. Please see I have more than one charge for my order for more information about this.

Because there is a gap between when you order and when you pay, now and then we see a problem with payment. This can be because the card is not valid or has expired, there is not enough money in the account, or there has been an error at your bank.

If we’re not able to authorise your payment, we will email you to let you know there is a problem. If the issue can’t be resolved in time, your order will be cancelled.

To avoid payment problems, please:

  • make sure you have enough money in your account the day before your delivery is due.
  • make sure the details you have entered are correct.
  • make sure you have a valid payment card set up on your account.

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