Promotions and offers

We'll always try to make promotions available both online and in-store. However, some of our promotions are offered exclusively online or in-store only.

3 for 2 offers

With 3 for 2 offers, you buy three and get the cheapest one free. For example, if you buy two items for £6 each and one for £4, you’ll pay £12 and save £4 (or in this example, you’ve saved 25%).

Occasionally we may not have a particular item in stock. If this happens, we will provide a suitable substitute and apply the same discount. If you opted for no substitutions or there isn't a similar product available, we will still apply the same discount percentage to the other two items. We will not charge you for the undelivered item. For example, if you buy two items for £6 each and one item for £4 and the £4 item is unavailable, you’ll only pay £9 for the remaining items (£12, discounted by 25%).

Wine offers

When we run wine offers, such as 25% off when you buy six bottles or more, you can buy as many bottles as you like – there’s no maximum.

Occasionally we may not have a particular wine in stock, so we’ll send you a substitute. If you asked us not to send a substitute, or we can't find a suitable substitute, we will still apply your discount to any bottles we can send. So, if you order 6 bottles and we only have 5 in stock, you’ll get 5 bottles at a 25% discount and a refund for 1 bottle. Offers are only valid for orders due for delivery before the offer expires.

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