Managing my account

How do I manage my details? 

The easiest way to manage your account details is to visit My Account and sign in with your registered email address and password. 

Here you'll be able to update your

  • Contact information
  • Sign in details
  • Delivery address
  • Payment cards
  • Marketing permissions.

Remember, we use your details to update you about your orders. Do make sure your details are up to date.


If you need to change your email address or can’t remember it, you will need to create a new account using new details. Please note that if you change your email, you will be changing your username for Asda Groceries, and Scan & Go.

Please note that, for security reasons, our Customer Service team can’t discuss or change an email address or any other online account details for you.


If you want to remove an address, check first to see if you use this as the billing address for a payment card on the account. If it is, you'll need to delete or update the relevant card first. 

To do this, visit My Account and open your Wallet. Remove or update the relevant payment card. You will then be able to delete the address from your Address Book.

I can’t sign in. What should I do?

Are you having trouble signing in? First, try to reset your password. It's faster to get your reset code by text. Email can take up to an hour to arrive and can get stuck in a junk or spam folder. 

If that doesn’t work, or if we have frozen your account, contact our Customer Service team using the details below.

How do I close my account?

Contact our Customer Service team using the details below. Remember that by closing your Asda account you will also lose access to and Scan & Go. 

How can I report suspected fraud?

Contact our Customer Service team using the details below if:

  • you're worried that someone else has accessed your account (hacked your account)
  • you want to report a message you've received that you don't believe comes from Asda (a phishing email).

Need to contact us? 

Use the options below to get in touch.

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