Recurring slots

How do recurring delivery slots work?

Recurring slots are currently only available to customers who have an existing and active Asda Delivery Pass but, at this time, we cannot guarantee these slots. However, the Saving Guarantee still applies meaning that if the full price of your delivery slots is less than the amount you paid for your Delivery Pass, we will refund you the difference.

This is how recurring slots work:

  • To use your slot, simply check out your order as usual (see below)
  • You can skip or cancel a slot in advance at any time, or book another slot at your convenience
  • The Recurring Slot will remain active for each subsequent Delivery Pass you buy
  • You can turn a delivery slot into a recurring slot at the time of booking.

To cover increased demand and to make it fair, unfortunately, we are unable to offer delivery passes to new customers at the moment. This is to ensure we can make slots available to as many people as possible.

When do I need to submit my order?

Orders in a recurring slot must be checked out at least 48 hours before the day of your delivery slot. For example, if your slot is on Thursday you need to have checked out your order by 11.59pm on Monday night at the latest. We would recommend that you try to check out in advance of this time due to the current level of demand on the website. But don’t worry, we’ll send you an email reminder the day before the order submission deadline.

After you’ve checked out you can change your order up until 10pm on the day before your slot is due. Again, due to the current high level of traffic on the website, we would recommend that you don’t leave changes to the last minute. If you do change your order, don’t forget to check out the order again to save the changes you’ve made.

Important things to know about recurring slots

  • You can only have one recurring slot at a time
  • If your Delivery Pass expires your recurring slot will be removed
  • If you don’t use your recurring slot on two consecutive occasions (without skipping in advance) the slot will be removed
  • Recurring slots are not valid on Bank Holidays or over the Christmas period – customers will be informed 21 days in advance of any restrictions affecting their recurring slot. 

How do I change or cancel my recurring slot?

To change your recurring slot, you will first need to cancel your current recurring slot. You will need to sign in to your account to do this. Once you’re signed in you’ll see your current recurring slot. Select Cancel to cancel your current recurring slot. Once this is done you can book a new recurring slot by booking a regular slot and, when prompted, select the option to make it a recurring slot.

If you would just like to cancel your recurring slot and select slots as and when you need them, sign in to your account where you’ll see your current recurring slot. Select Cancel to cancel the slot. 

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